a|n Gallery at Art Central 2022

CHO Yeou Jui 卓有瑞

In a career that spans over four decades, Y.J. Cho, has been a persistent practitioner of photorealism and a prominent figure of the Native Realism Movement in Taiwan in the 1970s. This collection of her works underlines Cho’s mastery of techniques based on photorealism.  She undertook a tedious process in her creation by first taking photos of the scenery, followed by projecting the photo images onto the canvas, on which she sketched and painted with utmost delicacy and virtuosity. She made an aesthetic breakthrough by adding on the canvas images of reflections of water stain, resulting in an intriguing effect.

Born in Taiwan,received her BFA from National Taiwan Normal University in Taipei. Later studied in USA and received her MA from State University of New York at Albany. From 1977 Ms. Cho lived in New York City (Soho district) as a professional artist, and showed at OK Harris gallery since 1986. She has held over 20 major solo art exhibitions and over100 group exhibitions internationally. She taught at National Changhuan Normal University in 1995and Taitung Teachers College in 2000 and 2005-2011 taught at Academy of Visual Arts, Hong Kong Baptist University as Assistant Professor, 2011-2012 was their visiting artist. In 2004 she received Gottlieb Foundation awards, 2005 she received Pollock-Krasner Foundation Grant. Her works are collected in museums in Hong Kong, Taiwan, USA and private collectors.

在接近四十年的藝術生涯中,卓有瑞一直鑽研照相寫實創作,是上世紀七十年代臺灣寫實主義運動的中堅人物,在當時的保守社會,她是首位以幻燈機輔助繪畫的畫家,在當時保守的社會以《香蕉系列》轟動一時,成為經典。她對創作過程一絲不苟,先用攝影機拍下照片,把影像投影在畫布上,再以極其精密的筆觸重現景物的紋理、光影和細節,細節令人嘆為觀止,近年她突破地在畫布上加上水漬,營造一種獨特、既真實又虛幻的視覺效果。她生於台灣,台北師大美術系畢業,,1976 年赴美取得紐約卅立大學藝術碩士,旅居紐約市蘇豪區成為專業畫家,自1986 年成為 OK 哈里斯畫廊的代理畫家,多年來在美國、台灣、中國、香港、日本、韓國舉辦二十多次主要個展及百多次聯展。行跡走遍美洲、西東歐、東南北亞,及港台中國各地。曾在1995 年任教於台灣彰化師範大學,2000 年任教台東師院,2005-2011 任教香港浸大視覺藝術院助理教授,2011-2012 為該院訪問藝術家。2004 獲高特樂伯基金會獎金,2005 年獲帕洛克-克里斯娜基金會獎金。她的作品為香港、台灣、美國著名美術館及重要私人收藏家所收藏。