a|n Gallery at Art Central 2022

Fung Chim 風漸

One of the most promising young painters in Hong Kong, Fung Chim (birth name Yiu Chu Tung) creates works with a realistic approach and uses primarily oils.   Inspired by Japanese master of the Edo period, Ito Jakachu, his works re-create the world around us that merges reality and fantasy. Fung Chim’s works have been described as a conflict between Nature and Nature 2.0, which is the artificial landscape created by humans through architecture. His paintings portray urban sceneries in which the dense residential apartments are placed in the distance while towering forest plants seem to devour the buildings afar. The overall color theme of the works is plain, which depicts the coexistence of plants and buildings without an intense composition of depth. The plants and buildings express an invisible tension and a surreal sensation.

Fung Chim graduated from RMIT, Australia, in 2007 and has since participated in numerous exhibitions both in Hong Kong and overseas.  He was awarded the 2017 Art Next Expo International Artist Special Award and spent a 3-month residency in the prestigious Taipei Artists Village.


風漸2007年 畢業於皇家墨爾本理工大學,曾在香港及海外參加多個展覽,並在2017年新藝潮博覽會上獲得特別獎,及後前往著名的台北國際藝術家村進行三個月的駐村計畫。