The fourth edition of Art Next Expo was held from October 8-10 , 2021, presenting over 70artists in three series: Art Next Artist Series, Diversity Series and Special Project Series: Next+. For the first time, the Expo was held in a comfortable and fun hotel environment.

Art Next Artist Series: Selected by a panel of renowned artists and art scholars, over 30 HongKong-based artists were featured in this series. Working with a wide array of mediumsincluding oil, acrylics, ink, watercolour, sculpture, photography and mixed media, theseartists’ works represented the latest development of Hong Kong’s contemporary art.

Diversity Series: This series presented exquisite embroidery art from local embroideryartists, as well as artists from Taipei Artist Village and Cheongsam Connect.

Special Project Series: Next+: This series presented “Next Mart”, showcasing a series of arttoys in a fun art supermarket environment. This series also presented mixed media artworkfrom young artists from City University of Hong Kong and Hong Kong Baptist University.

第四屆新藝潮博覽會於10月8至10月10日回歸,超過70位藝術家參與「新藝潮藝術家系列」、「多元系列」及「特別計劃系列Next +」三大系列,並首次在愉悅愜意的酒店環境下展出他們的作品。

新藝潮藝術家系列: 由著名藝術家及藝術界學者組成的專業評審,選出超過30位居於香港的藝術家競逐「新藝潮藝術家獎」。他們的作品媒介各異,以油畫、塑膠彩、水墨、水彩、雕塑、攝影和混合媒體等,為香港當代藝術畫下新的一筆。

多元系列: 展出本地刺繡藝術家的精彩刺繡作品、以及來自台北國際藝術村、長衫薈的藝術家作品。

特別計劃系列Next + : 設有名為「Next Mart」的藝術超市主題區域,帶來多位藝術家的創意藝術玩具 (Art Toy)。本系列亦展示來自香港城市大學和香港浸會大學的年青藝術家的混合媒體作品。

2021 Art Next Artists Award – Results

2021 新藝潮藝術家獎結果

Gold Award: Abby LEE Yan Yee
Excellent Award: AU Ho Lam Suzanne ,Sue LAI Kwan Ting, Sophia HOTUNG

優秀獎:區灝藍, 賴筠婷, 何慧恩


Aby Lee – Gold Award

Au Ho Lam – Excellence Award

Sue Lai – Excellence Award

Sophia Hotung – Excellence Award